Coronavirus: Pandemic Policy Briefing 2020


In Singapore, we have already seen multiple carriers of the 2019-nCOV and we have to acknowledge that the reality has seriously hit our shores. As a  company, we all have to take precautions so as not to add onto the possible pandemic from happening. Furthermore, the management team is cognitive of the Coronavirus impacts and is constantly monitoring its development here and abroad

Prior to the Chinese New Year break, our VP- Human Capital conducted a pandemic policy briefing, detailing the contingencies PCS has in place should the outbreak escalate to become a pandemic and at the same time gave an update on the situation of the Novel Coronavirus.

Some of the steps the company has taken includes implementing a mandatory 14 days Leave of Absence for all staff who has visited or is returning from any part of China. Our VP – Human Capital will follow up on the affected employees on a daily basis and will only allow them to come back to work once their health has been validated.

Further to that, our Managing Director has managed to procure surgical masks from overseas (as the local stock appears to be depleted) to assign to any staff displaying flu-like symptoms. In addition, the company has placed 4 air purifiers around our office to keep the air as “clean” as possible.

As individuals, if we are all aware and conscious of our personal hygiene and well-being, we will be able to weather this storm and grow stronger from this episode.