Our business originated from a consumer collection operation previously owned and managed by a major credit bureau agency in Singapore - which was acquired by us and reconstituted as Pinnacle Credit Services Pte Ltd (PCS) in September 2008. Our principal business is in providing efficient, cost effective and professional outsourced debt collection services to our esteemed clients.

We are wholly committed to perform at the highest standard of professionalism, security and integrity to recover our client’s debts and to improve their bottom-line and more importantly, meet their customer satisfaction requirements.

Pinnacle Credit Services Pte Ltd possesses strong and rich institutional knowledge and experience in collection services. We pride ourselves as a receivable management agency with both out/in sourced collection capabilities, operating a competitive compensation model to help our clients maximize their receivables while minimizing collection expenditures based on a "No collection, No commission" basis.

With over 13 years of operation, we have grown from a 10-man team to a company of over 60 staff and are in full compliance with the tough and rigorous regimentation of the regulators

Our Mission

Our mission is to perform to the highest standards of professionalism, productivity, integrity and performance. With our “No Collection, No Commission” agreement, we strive for success and are always committed to improve bottom-line results, quality and customer satisfaction for our clients’ needs.

Our Core Values


How we make a difference

To Consumers
If outstanding debts are not collected, this will be translated to higher operational costs which will then be passed down to the consumer
To Debtors
Some consumers might not even know that they have an outstanding and would be glad to have it brought to their attention. Others might be in a tight financial situation and would welcome the assistance in settling their payments.
To our Clients
By collecting their receivables, we help our clients improve their bottom-line and because we operate on a "No collection, No commission" model, they will technically have zero expenditure and no risk.

Our Accreditations

Our Legal Partner

We are pleased to have Chan Neo LLP (a law firm with more than 30 years of history, being founded in 1987 as Chan Tan & partners, later known as Chan Tan LLC and now Chan Neo LLP from 2011) as our trusted legal partner. With their expert knowledge and experience, they provide their clients with high quality legal advice and strong counsel to address and resolve legal issues entrusted to them. They strongly believe in cost-effective practical solutions for all their clients, a philosophy at the forefront of their practice as lawyers.

To learn more about the law firm, please click www.channeo.sg